About Us

5to12 is a Prague production service company, established in the fall of 2009. Owner Kristyna Kodet prior to opening 5to12 led ETP for over 10 years.

5to12 is a boutique company, run by Kristyna, who bids, produces and actualizes all jobs personally. Being American/Czech and bilingual enables her to have an understanding of US requests and expectations. Kristyna has produced high-end campaigns for brands such as Huawei, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Nestle, LG, US Marines, Johnson & Johnson, Nissan, Kraft, Toyota, CBS, Walt Disney, Warner, Honda, Sony, NEC, Procter & Gamble etc. and production companies such as Backyard, Wondros, Partizan, Go Film, Chelsea Pictures, Union Commercials, Bandito Brothers, Logan, Plush Films, Plaza Films, Pod Films, Caramel Pictures, PayDirt, Trio Films, AOI, Tohokushinsha, Robot, Engine, and TYO.

Prague is still a wonderful film center. Crews are experienced and speak English, equipment works and is available, stages are large and soundproof, builds are cheap but amazing, locations look like they can be anywhere, talent is pretty and/or ugly, hotels are film friendly, food is good and the beer flows all the time. No more convincing – bring your next production and we will take care of you. We know that (like they say in Prague), it is always 5to12 (5 minutes to deadline).